Professional Website Development

WaiA good website is essential for any business in today’s connected world. Many website companies will tell you that you can choose any two from quality price and speed. We deliver all three.We specialize in PHP and SQL development, providing interactive websites that provide real service to your visitors.

We also know most common “Open Source” systems covering many business types, which can get your site running for cheaper than you ever imagined was possible.

Our designs are 100% XHTML compliant. You can be assured that sites designed by us are free from errors that can affect your search engine rankings.

Are you a technophobe?

You’re not alone. The technology can be confusing for a lot of people, even the smartest ones. We can explain everything to you in a way that you are sure to understand.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no point having the most impressive website in your field if you don’t get any traffic visiting that site. Search engine optimization, or SEO is a systematic way of having your website climb up the rankings of search engines and hence having more and more people find your site.

We can guide you through the potential minefield which is SEO, advising you on everything giving an estimated timeframe and expected result.

We have a proven track record with many of our sites ranking on the first page of search engines in very competitive fields. Just ask us for some examples from our portfolio!

Technical Services

Is your company too small for full time IT Staff, but large enough for “big time” network and technical problems? From network installation, administration, data recovery or security, we have the expertise to design or administer your h needs to an unsurpassed level.

We are among the best in the field at what we do, and this is mainly due to the fact that we enjoy coming to work every day!

We are passionate about the fields in which we operate, and this is what constantly drives us to evolve and improve with the ongoing development of this demanding business.


WordPress has come a long way from simple blog software, it is now a feature rich CMS system, that offers a lot of feaures, and optimized search engine integration and performance.

The familiarity of WordPress has not changed; it is still the easy blog software that anyone can learn.

Let us build a WordPress site for yourself or your small / home business.

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