Everything you need for a website.

- A “domain name” – This is your website address on the internet. www.YourSite.com Using Tech Thai as an example, our domain name is tech-thai.com. You can buy a domain name from many places, and you pay an annual fee. It’s best to pay for a few years in advance so you don’t forget and lose the domain name when it comes time to renew. Tech Thai recommends godaddy.com. We know that their website interface sucks, and that the owner shoots elephants, but the service is actually quite good and reasonably priced. Namecheap.com, directnic.com are all places you can search and buy domains for a few dollars annual fee.

- Website – A collection of files, photos, videos etc. assembled using a specific code language such as HTML or PHP that will allow others to view it on the internet. A poorly constructed website can be slow to view, and it may not work on all internet browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome…).

- Content Management System – If your website is for a particular business application, there are many solutions that are available to match the requirements of your site. For example, a real estate company would need a system to manage and display property listings that can be searched easily by customers. A retail store would want an “online shop” where customers can view products and pay for them online. Excellent programs exist that are full of features and have good support both from the author and user community.

- WordPress – An outstanding example of a content management system that provides the basic framework to use as your website. It is free to use on your website, and you create posts and pages much the same as sending an email from a web based email like gmail or hotmail. It may seem daunting in the beginning, but there is a lot of support and tutorial videos on sites like youtube that can help you to become familiar with the system.You can create, edit, re-edit, any listing you have there from an online browser interface, no special software or programming skills are needed to manage your website. Most news media sites, entertainment sites and real estate sites are now using WordPress as a framework. Google also loves WordPress which can often give you better search engine placement.

- WordPress Theme – This is the overall look and feel for your WordPress site or content management system. You can use free themes that you can find at WordPress.org or many other websites (there are literally thousands of free website themes available), pay for a premium theme from other companies, or have one custom designed specifically for your site. These themes can be customized to match your desired color scheme, layout and more.

- Hosting Company – In order to make all of this work, you need to put your website on a computer that is running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week so that it will be there whenever someone wants to see it. Be it WordPress or a code language, you create your site and upload to this company. Think of them as keep a computer (server) for you at their place with a direct line to the internet. They will maintain the computer for you. The size of the machine would depend on what type of site you have. Most small businesses that have targeted traffic can “share” the hosting server with other websites to make costs inexpensive. If you are creating a website that will be popular and attract a lot of visitors, you’re going to need something much larger such as a “dedicated server” – all your own to handle the traffic. Tech Thai recomends hostgator, because they offer outstanding service and reliability. If your site is Thai and intended for Thailand viewers, we can provide “domestic” hosting.

- FTP – This is how you get your files onto the internet. File Transfer Protocol. FileZilla is a good free ftp tool. You connect to your hosting company and select the files on your desktop at home, and send (transfer) them on over to your hosting company / your server. It sounds technical and difficult, but it really isn’t. Most FTP client softwares are “drag and drop” from one window (your pc) to another (the server).

- Traffic – People who come to your site. Without visitors, your website doesn’t do a lot of good. It’s not so easy to get eyes on your website, so you must think of ways to do it. Be it advertising in various places, or getting traffic from google, bing and yahoo, or only using your site for a showcase for current clients. Whatever you want to do understand that just because you build a website, it doesn’t mean people will find it. Much the same as building a nice store or restaurant; you need to reach out to your market and get people through the door. We can provide solutions for increasing traffic.

- Statistics – Google offers an outstanding free service called Google Analytics. You install a piece of code on your site and they will keep track of your visitors and give you information back about them. You can then see what countries people are coming from, how long they stay on your site, what they are looking at, and so on. You then use this data to fine tune your site, improve your SEO / marketing efforts, and much more.

Tech Thai is ready to help you with all of these aspects.